Supported Exchanges

Not every exchange provides historical candles that can be used for doing backtesting and research. But they all offer candles for live trading.

Hence, supported exchanges for backtesting and live trading are different.


So far, the below exchanges are supported for importing candles and running backtests:

  • Binance Spot
  • Binance US Spot
  • Binance Perpetual Futures Testnet
  • Binance Perpetual Futures
  • Bitfinex Spot
  • Coinbase Spot
  • Bybit USDT Perpetual Testnet
  • Bybit USDT Perpetual


Notice that the words Spot and Futures in the exchange names above merely indicate the source of the candles and NOT the type of backtests you can run with them.

For example you can use candles from Binance Spot to run backtests in both spot and futures mode and vice versa.

You can change the type of exchange for backtests in the settings page per each individual exchange.

Live trading

At the moment these are the supported exchanges for live trading:

New exchange drivers are developed based on demand. So if you need an exchange that is not supported, please reach out and let me know.

Free vs premium plans

We offer two plans. Free and premium. The free plan was recently released as the result of a partnership between Jesse and Bitgetopen in new window.

To get started with the free plan:

  1. Register on Jesse.Tradeopen in new window
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  3. Congratulations! The free plan is now enabled for your account. You may now continue with the installation guide.