# Getting Started

Getting started with Jesse is already easy. We've also done our best to make it even easier for all operating systems.

# Required Stack

Here is the required stack:

  • Python >= 3.7
  • pip >= 19.3.0
  • PostgreSQL >= 10
  • ta-lib >= 0.4

Most of them, if not all, are installed on your machine. We provide guides on how to install them for 3 major operating systems. We also provide a docker image which might be the fastest way to get started.

# PIP Installation

First install the required dependency packages:

pip install -r https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jesse-ai/jesse/master/requirements.txt

Now install Jesse:

pip install jesse

(Optional) Install numba:

pip install numba

This package speeds up some indicators. M1 mac users can't use it.

# Upgrade with PIP

We are constantly pushing new patches. To upgrade to the latest version run:

pip install -U jesse

(Optional) If you use numba, you then have to update it too.

pip install -U numba


Sometimes pip doesn't upgrade to the latest version on first time running above command. To make sure you're running the latest release, checkout the latest version number on PyPi (opens new window), and then make sure you see that version in pip list output.

# Create a new project

You'll need to create your own Jesse project in order to define your very own strategies.

Go to the directory you intend to create the project in and run:

jesse make-project name-of-project

This will create a new project containing only files and folders that you actually need:

├── config.py # file where you enter your database credentials, etc
├── routes.py # file where routes are defined in
├── storage # folder containing logs, chart images, etc
│   ├── charts
│   ├── genetics
│   ├── logs
│   │   └── trades
│   └── temp # directory that Jesse uses behind the scenes.
│   └── trading-view-pine-editor
└── strategies # folder where you define your strategies
    ├── Strategy01
    │   └─ __init__.py
    └── Strategy02
        └─ __init__.py