# Filters

Filter functions are used to filter out bad trades.

# Basic syntax

First, add the filters() method to your strategy class which must return a list:

def filters(self):
    return []

Then define filter methods as many as you need. They can have any name, but it is recommended to include the word filter in it:

def filter_1(self):
    return abs(self.price - self.long_EMA) < abs(self.price - self.longer_EMA)

And then add the method's object to the filters method's list:

def filters(self):
    return [


Notice that you must only add the method's object to the list. Do not call the method! (no parentheses at the end of the method name)

Wrong example:

def filters(self):
    return [

# Why filters?

There are two reasons for using them:

# 1. To keep entry rules clean

Having so many conditional statements in should_long()/should_short() is not good practice.

You should keep your entry rules as simple as possible. You can then add filters per each special condition that you would like to avoid.

# 2. Filters have access to entry and exit points

Entry rules are defined in should_long() and should_short() functions; however entry and exit points are defined in go_long() and go_short() functions. That means if you need to evaluate a condition based on entry and exit points, you have to do it in a filter instead.

They say a picture worths a thousand words:


For example let's write a filter that makes sure the minimum PNL for trades is bigger than 1%:

def minimum_pnl_filter(self):
    reward_per_qty = abs(self.average_take_profit - self.average_entry_price)
    pnl_percentage = (reward_per_qty / self.average_entry_price) * 100
    return pnl_percentage > 1

Notice that we are using self.average_entry_price and self.average_take_profit properties which were not available inside should_long() methods.

# 3. Easier debugging

When a filter prevents opening a trade by not passing, it gets logged.

At the moment Jesse only supports backtesting so you need to run your backtests with --debug flag to see the logged message for filters. Later, when the live trade plugin is released, this will make a difference in your live strategies too.