Jesse provides support for sending notifications to delivery channels. At the moment, Telegram and Discord drivers are ready and shipped with the live trade plugin.


To receive Telegram notifications you need:

  • A Telegram bot
  • The ID of the Telegram account that wishes to receive notifications

Creating a bot

Open Telegram and search for BotFather. Follow the instructions by BotFather to create a new bot. It will ask for a name and a username for your bot. When you're done, it will generate your bot's access token for the HTTP API, which is a string like:


Enter it as telegram_bot_token in your project's config file for the live trade plugin which is named

Now search for the username of your bot in your contacts, select it, and click on the /start. This will give permission to the bot to send messages to your Telegram account.

Find your user ID

Please notice that we're talking about your user ID and NOT your username. If you don't already know your Telegram account's user ID, open the getuseridopen in new window bot, press /start and it'll tell you your user ID. Enter it inside the telegram_chat_IDs in your project's file.


As you will notice the value for telegram_chat_IDs is a list. So you can add multiple Telegram user IDs to be notified.


Discord webhooks are easier to set up if you already have a Discord server. If you don't, you can create one; it's free.

First, create a new text channel in your discord server. Then click on the gear icon on the right side of the channel button. Then go to the integrations section. Click on the box which is titled "Webhooks". Click on the blue "New Webhook" button, give it a name, and maybe a picture also. At last, click on the "Copy Webhook URL" button and paste that as the value for the discord_webhook in your file.