What is Jesse?

Jesse is an advanced algo-trading framework that helps you to write trading strategies in Python, backtest them with the most accurate backtesting engine on the Internet, optimize them using AI, and trade them on live markets. It focuses on simplicity, accuracy, and flexibility.

Why do I need it?

The short answer is: Jesse is more accurate, and way simpler than other solutions out there. If I have to summarize Jesse in one word, that word would be simplicity. Don't just take my word for it; try writing a strategy in Jesse and any other bot out there to see the difference by yourself.


Here are a few (but not all) features of Jesse that you might be interested in:

  • The simplest possible syntax for defining your strategies. Supports both simple and advanced strategies.
  • The most complete library of technical indicators with the simplest usage syntax, documentation, and examples.
  • Smart ordering system: Supports three major order types (market, limit, and stop) while no need to think about which order type to use. It'll take care of it for you.
  • Multiple timeframes: Jesse supports the usage of multiple timeframes without the look-ahead bias!
  • Multiple symbols: You have access to multiple symbols even inside the same strategy. Want to trade ETH but still have a look at BTC? You got it!
  • Trade multiple pairs (or routes as we call them) at the same time!
  • Risk-management helper functions.
  • A complete metrics system to get useful info about your strategy.
  • A detailed debug mode to see what your strategy is doing at each point in time. Jesse is NOT a black box!
  • Auto-generated charts on top of metrics to help you get a better understanding of your portfolio.
  • Easy importing of candles and cleaning data behind the scene.
  • Optimize mode allows you to tune any part of your strategies using the genetic algorithm without a need for detailed technical knowledge of AI.
  • Support for leveraged trading.
  • First-class support for short-selling.
  • Support for partial fills. Your strategies don't have to enter and exit at once. Jesse supports entering and exiting in multiple orders.
  • Creating advanced real-time alerts inside your strategies.
  • And a lot more!!


This software is for educational purposes only. We do NOT guarantee profitable trading results in anyways. USE THE SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK. THE AUTHORS AND ALL AFFILIATES ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR TRADING RESULTS. Do not risk money which you are afraid to lose. There might be bugs in the code - this software DOES NOT come with ANY warranty. All investments carry risk! Past performance is no guarantee of future results! Be aware of overfitting!